Monday, May 3, 2010

Read.Eat.Listen: Curious Monkey Minds

I haven't been writing much. Partly, I believe, because I don't read like I used to. I've got multiple tabs open on my browser most of the time m there's always something else to investigate, to get to, to find or log-into, and I rarely get to actual books anymore....Thought-full, not necessarily thoughtful...monkey mind, the Buddhist term for an unsettled mind, is what it is. The flip side of monkey mind, is curious monkey. Curiosity is a more delightful state of mind, than unsettled, so I'm going there.
READ: The Complete Adventures of Curious George, Anniversary Edition
EAT: Curious Monkey: Blend peanut butter, banana and milk till smooth. Voila! YUM.
LISTEN: Shock The Monkey by Peter Gabriel
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Security - 1982 - 5:29
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